Calsina Carré Transports & Logistics

Area Logistics

Customs warehouses for both import and export

Management of imports and exports.

DAP (Public Customs Warehouse) 

LAME (Authorised Facilities for Export Goods) space

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DAP (Public Customs Warehouse)

Delay payments of possible tariffs and VAT on material imported from third countries until the moment of dispatch.

Possibility of carrying out partial dispatches based on the actual need for materials.

It allows strategic purchasing policies to be implemented at moments of particular economic attractiveness.

Unlimited permanence of the material in the DAP.

LAME Space (Authorised Facilities for Export Goods)

It is not necessary for the goods exported to third countries to physically pass through a customs control office.

It allows the goods to be exported to be received in part, which can be consolidated at the time of export.

Greater agility and flexibility in customs procedures.

Customs Warehouse, Valls (ES)

Customs Warehouse, Tunis (TUN)