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We closed 2022 by saving 11,600 tons of CO of CO₂ emissions

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In the last few years, aware of environmental issues, we have increased our intermodal offer through rail and sea transport and we have committed to test more sustainable alternatives such as the duo trailer. Last year we renewed our fleet by incorporating new semi-trailers and ecological tires and we conditioned our headquarters to install 360 solar panels that allow us to save 56.5 tons of CO₂ per year.

Calsina Carré's commitment to the future is to place technology and innovation at the service of the environment. We have invested strongly in adapting our fleet to be able to access the railroads and we work closely with the administrations and the different rail operators in the search for options with less environmental impact. Last year, we made more than 10,000 train journeys connecting France, Germany and Luxembourg. This enabled us to save a total of 11,600 tons of CO₂ emissions. As a result of this strategy, we now have a strong presence at rail terminals connecting the south of France with other parts of Europe.

Continuing with the sustainable course, in 2021 we presented our first low-emission duo trailer, thus being one of the pioneering companies in promoting it in Catalonia. This combination allows us to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 25% per trip, as well as significant savings in transport logistics costs. Currently our duo trailer operates daily in routes of connection with Morocco.





Camión HVO de Calsina Carré

Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

The Ecological Way   En nuestro firme compromiso con la sostenibilidad ambiental, son muchas las iniciativas verdes que efectuamos para la descarbonización del sector. Fuimos