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Technology and innovation

Continuous innovation and investment in technology.

Essential aspects in offering the client optimal service and quality.

Essential aspects in offering the client optimal service and quality.

tecnologia calsina carré
tecnologia calsina carré




EUTI-European IT

The Calsina Carré technology division is in charge of leading the development of technological and innovative solutions for the Group.

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Own software

Our main technological axis is our own software with a clear operational focus and to which all the know-how that the company has generated throughout its 50-year history has been transferred.

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Internal development

This is the basis for continuous improvement, he adaptation to customer needs and the flexibility that the rapid advance in technological solutions demands.

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The operational modules of our system

The fundamentals of
our system


tecnologia tratecnologia tractora calsina carréctora
Warehouse module (WMS)

Manages the entire range of daily operations  that can be managed in the warehouse. 

It has been developed following the demands of the automotive sector and is currently integrated with many of our large clients.

TMS Calsina Carré
Transport module (TMS)

It provides the necessary support for the maximum optimization of loads, routes and resources (drivers and vehicles).

It is the basis of the daily planning of the transport and the consolidation of merchandise in the warehouse.

It has a submodule specialized in cross-docking.

It offers customers the possibility to access a platform (Webtrack) to track their orders, as well as being able to fully integrate with the client’s own system.


personal mentalidad digital Calsina Carré
Digital minded staff with a focus on continuous development.
equipamiento tecnológico Calsina Carré
Continuous investment in technological equipment

All Calsina Carré tractor units (owned by us or by our collaborators) are equipped with geolocation and and performance evaluation systems.

All vans are equipped with a geolocation and and performance evaluation systems.

All drivers are equipped with devices that record all their actions and locations.

All warehouses are equipped with radiofrequency.

All movements made in the warehouse are instantly digitized through handheld devices.

Each and every one of the operating instructions is registered and monitored in the system.