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Debuting the Duo Trailer

duotrailer calsina carré

This week, we presented our first 33 metre and 70-tonne capacity duotrailer and we are one of the pioneer companies in promoting these in Catalonia. This combination allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25% per journey, as well as offering significant savings in logistics costs in transport.

Calsina Carré’s commitment to the future is o put technology and innovation at the service of the environment. Last year we renewed our fleet by incorporating new vans and ecological tyres, and currently, we also operate intermodality offering rail and maritime transport. Continuing along this same line, we now present our first trailer low-emission trailer duo.

With this new addition and our collaboration with the Lear Corporation, we are consolidating our commitment to sustainable transport on our routes to the Maghreb, a market in which we are expanding fully and which currently accounts for 40% of the group’s global operations.

We have a special permit granted by the Spanish General Directorate of Transit (DGT) to operate this type of vehicle on the road since the duo trailer is not currently authorised for general use in Spain. This research project is carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Transport and the DGT and will culminate in a report to demonstrate its efficiency, safety and sustainability so that their use in Spain can be authorised in future.

The Scandinavian countries already allow duo trailerto operate freely, having been regulated and legalized due to the positive results obtained in previous studies. Spain is one of the most advanced European countries for this type of trial and probably one of the next to obtain this regulation.




Camión HVO de Calsina Carré

Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

The Ecological Way   En nuestro firme compromiso con la sostenibilidad ambiental, son muchas las iniciativas verdes que efectuamos para la descarbonización del sector. Fuimos