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50 years creating paths together

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This is an historic year for Calsina Carré. We are celebrating our fiftieth anniversary, half a century of work and exponential growth which, for many of those involved, has meant a lifetime of activity in the company; passing through a number of periods full of innovative projects and ideas. The long history has been characterised by the continuous search for new opportunities and diversification of investment, as well as by a clear family spirit marked by values such as proximity, honesty, passion and effort. The family unit has been key in the development of the company, which continues along its journey today with a view to generational continuity.

From the purchase of that first truck by the founding partners, Cristina Calsina and Jaume Carré, to the multinational that the company has become today, Calsina Carré has grown and shared this journey with many people and companies. The Carré Calsina family would like to celebrate this 50th year with all these people: the customers from now and before; our collaborators; our suppliers; and particularly all the workers who are, and have always been, the driving force of the company.

Throughout 2022, various events and celebrations have been planned with the aim of highlighting this half century of development and consolidation. Past, present and future are the main aspects of this commemoration. And what we want is for each and every one of those who have been with us and who have helped make this journey possible, to feel reflected in it. The growth has been a shared experience, a path taken together. Which is why all the activities planned share this clear message of gratitude.

Therefore, and without further ado, we welcome you to the celebrations of these fifty years creating paths together. So all that remains is to say: come on in, the party has already begun!




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