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Advantages of intermodality in transport

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The intermodal transport is an essential sector, both from an economic and an environmental point of view. We are convinced that the future is intermodal. The urgent need to make the planet sustainable has led us here. The opportunity it offers us in the face of a new, more conciliatory operator, also leads us here. Last year alone, by using this service, we reduced CO2 emissions by more than 6 million kg. Due to all of this, for five years we have been significantly intensifying intermodal operations: investing in a prepared fleet and a new operational team aimed at this type of service. A firm commitment to a type of service that, while it won’t replace road, will be a complement to it.

The advantages of intermodal over terrestrial transport are many. A combination of the two modes is optimal for the transport of goods. Maritime transportallows for the transport of large cargo volumes, as well as for exchanging goods between countries without a land connection. For its part, rail transport is indispensable if we want to achieve the levels of reduction in greenhouse gases. For distances greater than 300 km, the European Commission has requested that traffic be carried up to 30% by rail. The train consumes five times less energy than a lorry, so the rail infrastructure system must adapt to road routes and be highly flexible.

It is important that supply chains see the need to boost intermodal transport and, at the same time, that the governments of every country invest in main rail routes between the points where there is a greater traffic of goods. In regard to Spain, although the Mediterranean corridor offers the greatest potential traffic on the peninsula, the railway lines are still insufficient.

Calsina Carré is one of the main transporters in the industry that operates from the railway terminals in the south of France Le Boulou, Perpignan) with destinations to several European countries. The journey, however, has only just begun and the potential is very high. This past year, we have already started operating on train departures from Romania (Curtici, Oradea). Alternative solutions to connect Morocco, such as the ferry from Tangier to Barcelona or the future Algeciras-Zaragoza railway line, are getting closer.

At Calsina Carré we are clear, reducing emissions is our guarantee for the future.




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Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

The Ecological Way   En nuestro firme compromiso con la sostenibilidad ambiental, son muchas las iniciativas verdes que efectuamos para la descarbonización del sector. Fuimos