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In a European context of lack of infrastructure for transporters to be able to carry out their profession with dignity and ensure compliance with regulations, there is a need for commitment by the organizations that constitute the sector to improve drivers’ working conditions. This is how Calsina Carré Servicescame into being. At Calsina Carré we have decided to open its facilities to external drivers. Doing so, Calsina Carré aims to improve the quality of professional drivers’ breaks with a wide range of services, in a safe and protected environment. Our addesd value is that we already are a fleet operator with 50 years of experience and very knowledgeable about the sector needs.

Calsina Carré Services is a translogistic hub strategically located in the Mediterranean Corridor, 18 kilometres from the French border. Its location is also next to Vilamalla, future intermodal and logistical zone of the province.

To take this step, Calsina Carré, who already boasted very powerful facilities at the Pont de Molins headquarters, has chosen to invest extra in order to guarantee the highest service quality. We have made a major effort to expand areas in order to provide 100k m2 equipped with different services and facilities specially intended for drivers and their vehicles. Calsina Carré Services has currently 400 parking spaces available, however, the company is planning a second phase of the project for the end of 2023, which foresees an expansion of the parking area along with new service modules.

The gas station, which until now had 4 lanes, has been remodeled by doubling this number to ensure easy access and avoid queues. The station stocks diesel, diesel A, AdBlue and gasoline and has its own staff to provide assistance if needed.

The area enabled for external carriers is equipped by modules with everything the driver may need during the resting period of his trip: restrooms, showers, laundry service, luggage storage room, vending machines, wifi and rest area.

Calsina Carré Services was born with a clear focus on security and quality. All facilities are equipped with 24h video surveillance cameras, controlled access barriers and a whole integrated IT system based on QR codes. All these improvements catapulted the company forward to obtain one of the highest quality certifications for the European save and secure truck parking areas: the Gold level of the EU-Parking Standard.

The services devised for the vehicle are also included in these facilities, which feature a washing tunnel, the possibility of tire assistance and punctual repairs, along with the sale of safety elements and replacement spares.

In addition, we can offer all the logistical support as a carrier with 50 years of experience: the possibility of storage, movement of goods and even transport collaborations.

Calsina Carré Services is a major commitment to the future of the company, which intends to continue growing and searching for opportunities to improve the sector by providing value, proficiency and service.

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