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Ayuda humanitaria marruecos calsina Carré

On September 8, a devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.8 hit Morocco, devastating cities and towns near the Atlantic mountains and destroying the center and suburbs of Marrakech. A tragedy that has left more than 2,500 deaths. Our hearts go out to all the people affected by this natural disaster that has caused immense suffering in poor communities.

After receiving this terrible news, Calsina Carré responded quickly by placing its resources at their disposal to send from Spain and Morocco essential materials, packaged food and clothing to the most affected areas. In this moment of crisis, collaboration and solidarity are crucial. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people, associations and institutions that trusted Calsina Carré to make this act of humanitarian aid possible. Without their support, our mission would not have been possible. We have worked together with local authorities and organizations and provided our know-how to coordinate the shipments in the most efficient way.

We would especially like to highlight the involvement and effort of the Calsina Carré team who worked tirelessly to coordinate the logistics, as well as our members and volunteers who physically assisted in helping to load the solidarity supplies into the trucks; their dedication and solidarity have been inspiring.

Calsina Carré has been present in Morocco for over two decades and we have had the privilege of being part of this beautiful nation and working closely with its people. This tragedy affects us deeply, therefore, with active involvement we do everything in our power to contribute and provide support to the Moroccan community.

In these difficult times, we remind that solidarity and mutual support are the values that bring us together as a society. Stay strong Morocco!

Ayuda humanitaria marruecos calsina Carré




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