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Adapted vans for textile transport

Adapted vans for textile transport: A mainstay for the fashion industry

The transport of large volumes of garments is essential for the distribution of large textile manufacturers. This type of transport must be flexible, suitable and have the capacity to adapt to different load volumes. Garments are a type of goods that require very careful and efficient transportation to maintain product quality and meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Calsina Carré has identified this need in the market and has decided to invest in the textile sector by expanding its fleet with vans adapted for this type of transport. These vans are one of the most efficient and practical solutions for transporting garments by road, as they are specifically designed to hang garments inside them. They also offer numerous benefits for the supply chain, improving product protection and increasing operational efficiency.

Which are the benefits of the adapted garment hanging vans?

  1. Maximum protection of garments: When using adapted garment hanging vans, garments travel suspended on hangers, minimizing the risk of wrinkles, scratches or damage during transport.
  2. Increased load capacity: They allow us to optimize interior space, which increases load capacity compared to other transportation methods that involve folding garments into boxes. This enables us to transport more garments in a single trip, reducing costs and carbon footprint.
  3. Facilitates sorting and distribution: The adapted vans are designed with hanging bars and systems that allow for efficient organization and sorting of garments. This speeds up their distribution to different destinations.
  4. Optimization of delivery time: The time required to prepare garments prior to shipment is reduced, as there is no need to individually fold each item. In addition, the ease of loading and unloading speeds up logistics processes in general, which translates into faster deliveries and meeting deadlines.

To consolidate this commitment, Calsina Carré has an important operational support in Porto: Calsina Carré Portugal. Portugal has a long tradition in the textile and clothing industry. This accumulated experience has positioned this country as an European reference in textile manufacturing and many of the European textile manufacturers are located in this area. This strategic location facilitates the transport and distribution of textile products to European countries, resulting in shorter delivery times, without intermediaries and with a greater capacity to respond to market demands.





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Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

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