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Groupage and its advantages

In Calsina Carré, we have consolidated a large network of reliability in LTL with solutions and over five decades of expertise in this service. Groupage remains to this day one of our outstanding services and covers an important and integral part of our daily operations.

We currently provide more than 400 daily breakbulk services to Europe, the United Kingdom and North Africa, thanks to our own consolidated domestic network. In addition, we can adapt to the customer's needs and travel requirements: i.e.: bookings, reservations , lateral unloading, customs and cross boarder necessities and the customers need for punctuality of stock delivery etc.

Groupage is an essential tool to optimize the transport of goods, would you like to know some of the many advantages offered by our door-to-door part-loading service? These are some of the benefits that are aligned with the demands and expectations of the supply chain:

- Cost-effective efficiency:

  • Groupage is a transportation method designed to provide efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions by combining multiple loads from different shippers into a consolidated single shipment. By applying these methods to the multiple shipments from our customers for transportation, we can achieve optimal operational efficiency and, as a result of this, more competitive rates!

-Environmental preservation:

  • Groupage not only lowers costs for our customers, but also helps in the reduction of carbon footprints by minimizing the number of vehicles that are on our roads. This in turn translates into a positive environmental impact without compromising service efficiency.

-Adaptive flexibility:

  • We understand that each of our customers has unique needs and our LTL service offers a versatile and adaptable solutions, capable of handling various freight volumes, as well as a fast response and better adapting to changes that may arise at the last minute such as expanding or reducing cargo, LTL also allows us to provide more frequent shipments and more routes, ensuring the flexibility needed to meet customer requirements.

-Tight transit times:

  • This transportation system minimizes transshipments, providing remarkable benefits in terms of speed, urgency and immediacy. In addition, this reduction in goods handling results in a minimal incident rate. Thanks to careful route planning and precise coordination, we ensure competitive transit times allowing each load to reach its destination within the agreed deadlines.

-Dedicated team:

  • Our entire part-load operation is reinforced by a network of our own warehouses specialized in cross-docking and equipped with the best technologies. We have a dedicated operational team and webtrack system for tracking and traceability of the goods at all times. In addition, we also can offer the possibility of system integration with a dedicated customer service team, if required by the customer.

At Calsina Carré, we understand that logistics efficiency is essential for our customers. Our groupage service optimizes the transportation processes and simplifies the supply chain, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for each company's logistics needs.





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Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

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