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Calsina Carré Maghreb completes a year of growth

As we approach the end of this significant year, we would like to take a moment of reflection and share our evolution in the Maghreb market over the last 12 months 

We close the year with a figure that pleases us: more than 17,500 crossings through the Gibraltar Strait, connecting Europe and the Maghreb. This milestone not only represents an increase in our activity, but also consolidates, one more year, our solid presence in North Africa.


Sustained growth and strong presence in North Africa

Since more than two decades, Calsina Carré has been forging a history in the Maghreb market. Our development in the region has not only been a business growth, but a partnership based on trust and collaboration with local communities. Our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness has been the driving force behind our continued growth in North Africa.

Calsina Carré Maghreb currently has a local team of more than 250 people distributed between two sites, Morocco and Tunisia, and operates its own fleet of more than 350 vehicles. This year 2023 we opened a new office in Algeciras as a strategic reinforcement point, for greater efficiency and control of our daily departures from its port to the African continent, specifically to Tangier.


Looking to the future: New logistic projects and sustainability

Our big commitment for the new year is the opening of a new logistics warehouse in Tangier, a significant step towards the strengthening and expansion of our operations in the region. We are in the process of full construction of this new logistics centre, which is going to have as its main objective the development and improvement of our operational capabilities, providing our customers an integral and optimised service.

This warehouse will be the epicentre of our operations in the region, designed to facilitate an efficient and coordinated goods flow. Tangier Automotive City strategic location positions it as a key point for cross-border trade and logistics. 

Another major commitment for the present and future in North Africa is sustainability. In addition to reducing our emissions with each crossing, this year we have expanded our Moroccan fleet, adding Euro6 units and contributing in this way to a more environmental friendly transport. Furthermore, our challenge for 2024 involves the strategic expansion of our maritime routes, seeking sea highway routes for longer distances, in order to optimise logistical efficiency and minimise our environmental footprint. This approach reflects our commitment to sustainable transport and responds to the growing need for logistics solutions that balance efficiency with environmental responsibility.




Camión HVO de Calsina Carré

Why do we opt for the use of HVO?

The Ecological Way   En nuestro firme compromiso con la sostenibilidad ambiental, son muchas las iniciativas verdes que efectuamos para la descarbonización del sector. Fuimos